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Q: When Should A Tire Be Replaced?

A: Tires should generally be replaced once every six years or when they begin to show signs of wear.

Q: How Do I Know If My Tires Are Worn Down?

A: Tire wear can be seen visually and also felt while driving as a loss of traction; slippage and loss of pressure are two additional signs that a set of tires may need to be replaced.

Q: How Does A Tire Get Repaired?

A: We start by taking the affected tire off its rim before plugging or patching whatever damage the tire may have sustained. The goal is to completely seal the puncture hole by creating a patch that bonds to the tire's inner wall.

Q: Is It Okay To Mix Different Types or Brands of Tires?

A: This is generally not recommended, as tires should always be purchased as part of a balanced set for best results.

Q: Do I Need to Purchase An Entire Set of New Tires At Once?

A: It is ideal that all of the tires on a car be replaced at the same time. When this is not possible, they should at the very least be installed as front and back pairs as opposed to simply replacing your tires one by one as they begin to deteriorate. 

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